Team Optimization & Improvement

We could have called our practice “strategies to eliminate team dysfunction", or creating "highly optimized team effectiveness programs.”

Regardless of the moniker, the reality is most teams are to some extent dysfunctional. Its likely not too difficult to reflect on your own personal experience from university, a summer job, personal relationships, or your current working environment where specific issues such as team morale, attrition, customer satisfaction, business results, are all linked backed to dysfunctional teams.

Business leaders view high performance teams as essential to success. Yet, from our experience, leaders tend to struggle developing strategies to address team ineffectiveness for a variety of reasons.

Some of the common dysfunctional traits of a team include: lack of role clarity & direction, absence of trust, accountability, fear of conflict and insufficient attention to results and outcomes.

Most surprising, organizations know this and yet lack the know-how or discipline to make sure these issues are addressed each and every day. Further, they tend not to be comfortable to make the difficult decisions necessary to address the underlining issues, which in many cases are not as revolutionary as they initially thought.

Our diagnostic insights rest on unique approaches that provide quick and resonate strategies to uncover the causes of team ineffectiveness. Our due diligence starts with a discussion and examination on role clarity, job structure/sizing, and workflow analysis. We also look at what makes people tick, and illustrate how these differences when combined together affect overall team effectiveness.

We develop specific strategies and recommendations to inspire people to work better together, resulting in sustained solutions for individual and organizational success.

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