Site Selection

The availability of qualified human capital at the right price point is one of the key considerations in site selection. 

The Trinity Human Resource Site Selection Solution is a final step in your on-site community due diligence process. Economic Development Groups, local politicians and area employers provide valuable intelligence (and bias) confirming the availability and Talent of the local labour market.  The quality of the labour pool in a Greenfield site is critical to the success of any Company. 

Our Site Selection solution will increase the comfort level of your decision making process by using substantially more reliable information on how quickly you can staff your new operations , the availability of candidates most able to perform effectively to specific positions while developing a better job fit to your culture and strategic objectives.

 How does our Site Selection Solution work? 

  • Trinity Human Resources works in partnership with your Company and your real estate expert;
  • We conduct a diagnostic of your key roles and look at the primary competencies that drive performance success;
  • We customize upfront screening tools to match your position requirements;
  • We deploy a beta Talent Acquisition Campaign using a web portal to pre-screen and assess the quality and potential of local talent;
  • We leverage leading edge psychometric profiles matched to job competencies to predict candidate success;
  • We provide a detailed analysis confirming the capacity and capability of the local workforce and provide a candidate pool of “qualified” talent that are ready for just in time hiring;
  • We can typically deploy our Site Selection Solution within 7 days.
  • We have worked with a number of major Contact Centers and National Retailers to assist in assessing the quality of the local labor force!

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