Artificial Intelligence & Talent Analytics

Optimize your hiring process  by leveraging AI and Talent Analytics to transform the way you approach recruitment.

We help organizations by creating a culture of insight by integrating an AI & Talent Analytic ecosystem into your entire screening and selection process from algorithms for filtering and ranking prospective candidates, identifying outliers, planning interview questions, and help you determine who to retain or promote.

With the availability of vast amounts of data aggregated from multiple sources from demographic information to social media channels , you can now transform all that information into intelligence using powerful algorithms. Recruitment professionals  now have the opportunity to rely more on facts than on intuition.

Our expertise delivers unparalleled results by applying AI insights, use of innovative leading edge technology platforms and a passion for the customer and the candidate experience.

Our Services include:

• Technology Deployment & API integration
• Elimination of time consuming tasks such as: resume screening, sourcing and qualifying talent
• Integration of Psychometric, Cognitive Assessments, Simulation & Gaming
• Job Response & Sourcing  Optimization
• Validation and Reporting

Organization Architects

Business strategy, systems and culture all contribute to a company's identity. We help identify misalignments by building a durable, evolvable framework for your organization.

Human Resources Expertise

We provide our clients with interim Human Resources management expertise to support your business.
Our HR Consulting team is comprised of experienced HR practitioners who have faced your business challenges before. You will be supported by seasoned professionals who all bring a strong business focus to every engagement.