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We combine contemporary HR advice with disruptive technology to
help leaders create meaningful organizational change.

Artificial Intelligence & Talent Analytics

Data analytics has shaped the evolution of the recruitment process.
When it comes to world-class recruiting in an increasingly competitive business world, talent analytics play a central role in making HR and recruiting work smarter.
Learn how we can create your Talent Analytic Ecosystem today!

Organization Architects

Business strategy, systems and culture all contribute to a company's identity. We help identify misalignments by building a durable, evolvable framework for your organization.

Human Resources Expertise

We provide our clients with interim Human Resources management expertise to support your business.
Our HR Consulting team is comprised of experienced HR practitioners who have faced your business challenges before. You will be supported by seasoned professionals who all bring a strong business focus to every engagement.

About Us

Making Organizations Better

Trinity Human Resources is a boutique management consulting firm providing strategic consulting services in all areas of human resources.

We are HR Strategists. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every situation and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Since 2012 we have focused on building and supporting HR transformations that improve efficiency, effectiveness and the employee experience.

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<a href="/selecting-salespeople-top-3-characteristics-successful-competitive-sales-professionals">Selecting Salespeople: The Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Competitive Sales Professionals</a>

Selecting Salespeople: The Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Competitive Sales Professionals

You know you need to have high performing, talented salespeople on any competitive sales team. However, not everyone is suited for competitive sales environments – and even those who are able to perform in the role will have varying degrees of success.

<a href="/five-simple-steps-effective-talent-sourcing">Five Simple Steps to Effective Talent Sourcing</a>

Five Simple Steps to Effective Talent Sourcing

In spite of economic uncertainty, CEO’s in almost every industry confirm the ability to source optimal talent remains a key strategic priority.

Small and medium sized enterprises in particular continue to fuel job growth in North America where business expansion and employee attrition are the main contributors of hiring activity.

<a href="/evolution-data-why-people-analytics-matters-today">The Evolution of Data: Why People Analytics Matters Today</a>

The Evolution of Data: Why People Analytics Matters Today

Big data has evolved as a mainstream approach to better understand customer behaviours or preferences. Data is used everywhere - from fraud detection; to online shopping patterns; to making predictions about future events, like propensity to buy, churn or engage.
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Personality Assessments

  • Competitive Sales
  • Leaders or Managers
  • Consultants
  • Customer Service

Online Talent Academy

  • Building a Recruiting Culture
  • Building Stronger Teams
  • Selecting Top Sales Performers
  • Recruiting Diversity



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